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As head of the Baddish Group, Laura Baddish might spend her working hours leading some of the food industry’s most successful PR programs, but, on her own time, there is little she loves more than exploring the finest ways to wine and dine as just a passionate and happy consumer!

This love affair with food extends as far back as Laura can recall. Her grandparents canned tomatoes and vegetables, as well as madelaura baddish nyc the baddish group wine and dine their own wine. One grandfather was a baker. She adored his bakery so much that she even arranged for a class visit to share this love when she was only in the second grade. When she and her sisters were children growing up in Brooklyn, they would have endless fun creating their own mise en place every afternoon as Julia Child dazzled and inspired on the television screen. She fondly remembers baking cream puffs every Sunday for an entire year in her Easy-Bake oven.

When she was very small, Laura even played make-believe in the kitchen, pretending to bake puzzle pieces into cookies. Today, she continues to explore and experiment with both baking and cooking. Laura has only grown more comfortable with all things edible – both as an accomplished publicist for wine, spirits, food, and epicurean brands, and as an enthusiast at home, where she even grows her own tomatoes in season.

The extent to which Laura Baddish cherishes comestibles carries over into her philanthropic endeavors. She is a huge fan of Cookies For Kids, which provides research grants to the nation’s leading pediatric cancer centers, as well as Green Bronx Machine, which promotes healthy and equitable communities through education, local food systems, and modern workforce development.

She delights in the fact that she gets to work within the specialty food and beverage niche. Laura savors the challenge of creating a campaign – small or large – that works for a client to produce outstanding results. She particularly enjoys when she can get creative with it. She has led project like renaming a town Mojito for Bacardi, putting National Strawberry Shortcake Day on the Map for Driscoll’s, establishing a day-after-Thanksgiving Turkey Leftover Hotline, and even creating National Dessert Day!

This sincere devotion to her work has led the Baddish Group to win accolades such as the International Association of Culinary Professionals, the National Agriculture Marketing Association, and the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

The old adage goes, “choose something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Laura Baddish is ecstatic that she not only agrees, but she practices what she preaches.